Corporate Consulting

JP Productions is focused on providing that final 5% which is often the difference between the success and failure of digital ventures. We do this through high-end consulting and practical hands-on support, our goal is as much focused on getting you results as it is of educating your team as the digital world continues to evolve.

Our team is who you need when it comes to >>


Digital Marketing Campaigns   – Using our collective experience on the `front-line` to support clients in fine tuning planned initiatives with a core emphasis on `demand drivers` and `connect to market` strategies. We can help cut out misguided and unnecessary costs, while stream lining your creative and placement decisions to maximise ROI in alignment with your key objectives .

Internal Processes – Auditing and putting in place the processes, tools, skills, and strategies to easily measure ongoing digital performance and accelerate growth and dominance online - from digital marketing campaigns, branded websites, to tracking discussions on social networking sites that involve your business.

Investment Appraisal – Helping clients identify, evaluate and prioritize digital investment decisions.

Turnaround – Review, strip-down, rebuild, re-focus and re-energize digital initiatives.


“We enhance stakeholder value for clients through `Innovation, Systems, and Growth` ”


Facebook, Website, & Database - Brand & Performance Management

JP Productions has access to a number of low cost / high performance digital tools that your current service providers will struggle to match, we further leverage this with our teams innate understanding of the digital realm & `Execution IQ` to tweak your current systems for added performance while also lowering your cost structure.

We`re that confident in our ability that we will not charge you until we`re delivering on the above statement.


Viral & Cross Media Marketing Campaigns

JP Productions stands alone when it comes to leveraging cross media initiatives, spanning over Print, Radio, Online & TV we combine these forces via a mobile `txt in` functionality to bring them all together and fire them straight into an online viral initiative allowing us to pull off campaigns with ratio`s hitting well above 15:1 of ratecard value - before we even hit the viral element.

Working with brands such as A1GP, Ed Hardy, Hilton through to Amstel Premium & Heineken - JP Productions stands alone in delivering uber-premium experiential campaigns for top-end brands with a level of promotion on targeted media channels that runs circles around any other opportunity currently on offer in the New Zealand marketplace.


Take the time to review the calibre of our work in our case studies section, or feel free to request a coffee.