From Ferrit to Mintshot, the high attrition rate for online ventures is well renowned and that risk is lifted another notch when dealing purely in intellectual property - as there is nothing to sell off post loss if your venture hits the fan.
That risk though is exactly what poses the greatest opportunity for you to get one up on your competitors.
To do so, you need to be dealing with the best - those that have a proven track record of success in the digital industry.
There is alot of smoke out there but at the end of the day there is only one reliable test of skill and it is those that have gone "all in" with their own venture and had the tenancity and the intelligence to learn what it takes to win in the digital world.
Every consultant under the JP Productions banner has created and continues to run for profit their own venture. Each of these individuals is profiled below for your review.
Richard Henry - Cross Media, Viral, & Community

Rich Henry is the founder of, coming from an auditing background at PricewaterhouseCoopers with a Bachelor of Commerce in Finance & Accounting his unique balance between premium branding and bottom line performance has attracted a collection of long term relationships with market leaders such as Continental Cars, Amstel Premium, & Heineken.

Richard Pocock - SEO, SEM, & Email

Richard as founder of Web Metrics is a key driver behind blue-chip clients such as Yellow Pages and He has accumulated an immense wealth of knowledge and experience in developing key strategies for getting the most for online businesses, from the ins and outs of search engine optimisation through to targeted Google Adwords and email campaigns.

Todd Wackrow - Mobile Integration

Todd is the founder of POCKETvouchers, a marketing platform which uses trackable mobile vouchers sent as text messages to measurably close the loop between advertising and product trial, foot-traffic and sales. With a client list which spans from Sanitarium, Heineken, through to Rebel Sport, Todd and the POCKETvouchers team have a proven ability to combine marketing with mobile technology to drive measurable results.

Craig Boxall - Digital Design & Development

Pixel Fusion” literally means a fusion of design and development. Craig as the founder thrives on creating solutions for clients which are powerful, a dream to use and a pleasure to view. In working with key clients such as Coca-Cola and leading New Zealand media publications such as and, Craig brings to the table an unprecedented level of expertise in design and development that delivers on both Performance & Brand.

Nicky Clarke - Digital PR

Founder of NCPR, Nicky has worked with an array of clients from Hyundai to the Queen - in all seriousness. With a unique mix of social, creative, and technical skills Nicky leads the market in monitoring how consumers talk about brands in the digital world. Tracking key words across the likes of blogs, twitter, forums and social networking sites Nicky is able to pick-up on early warning signs for product or service issues, responding to situations before they run out of control, and in turn finding promotion opportunities that can be leveraged for added value.